The 3rd ICGA conference invites you to send a poster of your research in the area of the conference theme : ‘Biobanking to Omics: Collecting the Global Experience’. This will be an opportunity for young researchers to showcase their work in front of leaders of the field. Posters will be judged by a panel of experts.

Please send in your research posters for the tracks outlined below:

Track 1 – Biobanking and Cancer Tissue Repositories

Creating a repository of cancer patient tissue samples with well annotated longitudinal clinical data is the first challenge in any cancer big data project. From patient consent, to tissue collection and storage, tissue processing, derivatives, database creation, clinical data collection, quality checks for each data type, the types and number of challenges are unique to every biobank. The aim of this track is to cover the varied challenges faced and solutions created for this first step in a big data cancer research project.

Track 2 – Omics and Data Analysis in Cancer Biology

The final part of the puzzle of omics data is to correlate omics derived signatures, groups and molecular profiles to patient outcomes to find potential novel biomarkers. This track will cover research on ‘omics data analysis and clinical data correlations in cancer biology and patient outcomes.

View track 1 and track 2 submitted posters

Poster Details

Poster should have 16:9 aspect ratio with a resolution of minimum 300 dpi. After conversion to PDF the file should not be bigger than 5MB. Use the provided poster template.

Download e-Poster template

Send e-Poster

Subject: Poster Track 1 (or)2
Attach: First name_last name_track 1.pdf (or) First name_last name_track 2.pdf
Last Date: 11th January, 2022

The poster will be displayed on both days in a designated poster space.