Abu Shadat Mohammod Noman


Advisor (Technical and Foreign Affairs), Bangomata National Cellular and Molecular Research Center (BNCMRC) &, Professor at Visiting Status, Dept. of Pathology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Dr. Abu Shadat Mohammod Noman received his BSc and MSc from the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, and PhD from Aichi Medical University, Japan. He then accomplished postdoctoral fellowships at the Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School and Hollings Cancer Center with a collaborative experience at Harvard Stem Cell Institute. After the training, he continued his early research career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, and was promoted to Associate Professor, later as a Full Professor. Currently, he is working as an honorary Advisor (Technical and Foreign Affairs) of Bangomata National Cellular and Molecular Research Center (BNCMRC), a visionary project of the honorable Prime Minister, Bangladesh. Besides, he is also affiliated as Professor in the Department of Pathology at McGill University at visiting status.

Dr. Noman has made a major impact in Tumor Immunology through his original research work in the last two decades. His research program has contributed to elucidating the role of critical inflammation and cancer regulators with the overarching goal to design therapeutic strategies.  His contribution to science is recognized by several high impact papers from reported publishers/association.

Since 2012 he is running “Laboratory of Eukaryotic Gene Expression and Function (EuGEF lab)” which is involved with the molecular detection and therapeutic management of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) in Bangladesh. More specifically, his team is stepping towards a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary translational research effort to develop novel molecular targets in TNBC and new therapies in combination with conventional therapies, as part of an immuno-oncology research effort. This is the first step taken to treat patients of the country with the personalized drug. At present, he is leading a group of fifty-five (55) basic researchers and clinicians working at both bench and bedside, supported by several domestic & international grants including Bangladesh Ministry of Science & Technology, Bangladesh Medical Research Council, Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, The World Academy of Science Grant for Young Scientists, UNESCO Fellowship, and Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)-CP-4023, etc.

Dr. Noman has received many awards in recognition of his important research contributions including TWAS (The World Academy of Science) Prize for the best young scientists in 2013, BAS (Bangladesh Academy of Science) Award- 2013, FAOBMB (Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists & Molecular Biologists) Best Popular Young Scientist Award (2012), BSBMB (Bangladesh Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) Poster Award (2012) and University Grant Commission (UGC) Award – 2016.

He was one of the key regulators who worked behind the screen to accomplish a successful BSBMB-2013 conference. He is also playing a key role to initiate the Multi-Omics Profiling of Cancers in Bangladesh to build the Archive to Translate Genomics of Cancer’ Bangladesh (ATGC’B) which is also an opportunity for inherent Indo-Bangladesh collaboration.