Dr. Tanvir Kaur

Dr Tanvir Kaur

Deputy Director General (Senior Grade),
Division of Non Communicable Diseases,
Indian Council of Medical Research

At Indian Council of Medical Research, she has been entrusted with the responsibility of Program Manager and Scientific Officer for development and execution of Programmes. Her expertise is being utilized in monitoring the research projects in the areas of Cancer and other Non Communicable Diseases. The multi-centric task force project for Operational research project on screening for cancers of cervix, breast and oral cavity is aimed to undertake  anti-tobacco community education; education regarding risk factors of cervical and breast cancers; screening for early diagnosis of cancers of oral cavity, cervix and breast, by the paramedical workers has been carried out. The Task Force on Management of Cancers has been constituted to plan various research projects. Under which the Consensus Documents for Management of various cancer sites is being formulated with inputs of experts as well as review of western guidelines.. Several research programmes such as Genomics in Breast Cancer, Genetics studies in Breast Cancers, Childhood Leukemia projects, screening of common cancers and risk factor and microbiome studies in North East. The inputs to National Programme on Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer and Stroke are being provided. As ICMR representative; her expertise is used in various national and international forums.